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The Tacoma Chapter was founded in April 1957 by women interested in exchanging practical accounting ideas. Our current membership is over 20 and still includes some founding members.

The chapter is governed by a board of directors supported by committees. We have a general dinner meeting the 2nd Monday of the month September through June, and a board meeting each month. One hour of continuing professional education is offered at the dinner meeting.

Tacoma has been very supportive of accounting students by awarding up to 3 scholarships each year since 1977. The first scholarship was to a single recipient. Fund raisers to support this endeavor include raffles at the monthly dinner meetings, a dessert auction, and selling tax guides.

Our members work in all fields of accounting, finance, tax, and consult­ing. Many members have attained professional certification such as CPA and CMA. Our membership also includes students and women returning to the work force.
Standing Committees - Primary Functions
Administrative Reporting - Is responsible for reporting and coordinating between the Chapter and the National Board of Directors regarding the Chapter's Goals Plan for the administrative year. The committee is to mail all reports and substantiating documents necessary to the National Headquarters.
Newsletter - Publishes the chapter newsletter and maintains the mailing list, which shall include the chapters in the Northwest as required by the Northwest Council of AFWA.
Bylaws - Reviews bylaws and standing rules annually, drafts and recommends revisions.
Chapter Development - Analyzes and assists in areas of the chapter which need strengthening, investigates new chapter opoprtunities and helps in their formation. Assists a local steering group in membership activities and national liaison necessary to form a new chapter.
Education and Legislation - Conducts workshops and study sessions which comply with the standards for programs. Keeps abreast of new and proposed legislation and changes in professional standards and informs members through study sessions and newsletter articles.
Finance - Reviews and recommends annual budget. Reviews adherence to budget and management of funds. Reviews income tax return. This committee is chaired by the Treasurer and is also responsible for billing unhonored dinner reservations, the excess of which over the dinner costs is to be added to the scholarship fund. The Ttreasurer shall be responsible for ordering all supplies and all orders must go through the Treasurer.

House and Hospitality - Makes facility arrangements for dinner meetings, chooses dinner menu and arranges for any speaker presentations needed. Obtains final dinner reservation count from the Communication chairperson and informs hotel of dinner count and special needs.

This committee is responsible for any table decorations for all but the Student Activities and Public Relations dinners and shall order a cake on the chapter anniversary. This committee shall also be responsible for condolences in the form of cards for death of members' close family. In the case of a death of a member, a contribution of $10 in memory shall be made to the chapter Scholarship Fund or The Educational Foundation of AWSCPA-AFWA. Cards for other events, which may seem appropriate, shall be at the discretion of the committee.

Historian - Maintains scrapbook with news articles and events pertaining to the chapter.
Long-Range Planning - Conducts on-going review of the chapter, recommending long and short-range goals for matching chapter activities to the professional needs of the membership and the community.

Member Relations/Membership - Welcomes new members through vehicles such as orientation meetings or new member packets. Maintains contact with existing members, encouraging their AFWA participation and learning how AFWA can best serve members' professional and career needs, and serves as liaison for The Educational Foundation of AWSCPA-AFWA.

Solicits and handles applications for membership. After membership acceptance, gives new member a copy of the bylaws, standing rules and roster. Welcomes new members and helps them take advantage of chapter activities. Encourages new members' participation on committees and projects. Prepares a biographical sketch of new members for presentation in the newsletter.

Nominating - Consists of the Immediate Past President as chairperson, one member elected by the Board and one member elected by the general membership. These members should be designated no later than the December meeting to allow the committee ample time for consideration.
Program - Schedules dinner meeting programs on timely professional topics which comply with standards for programs and introduces speakers.
Publicity - Notifies local media of chapter professional meeting and activities. Sends news releases and collects clippings. Notifies the AFWA Edge and the AWSCPA Newsletter of members' accomplishments.

Roster - Compiles and publishes an annual handbook, which includes directory of chapter members. Distributes rosters to the membership at dinner meetings. Rosters will be mailed to members who pay $1.00 for postage and mailing costs.

Scholarship - Publicizes scholarship availability and selection criteria. Accepts and acts on scholarship applications. Solicits contributions through fund-raising activities. Members of this committee are elected in accordance with the rules of the fund.
Student Activities - Serves as liaison to area college accounting programs. Fosters student membership and participation. Responsible for annual Student Night function. This would include coordinating program with Program Committee, student reservations, and soliciting subsidy from members to cover the expense of student meals. Verifies student status of prospective members prior to presentation to the Board for acceptance.

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