February 2018


We were again privileged to have Shawn Mattingly present her annual tax update to us in January. Her presentation included both a refresher of the current tax law and a summary of the 2018 changes enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

For February, we will have Erick Watson, Chief Product Officer at Quantarium, present “Artificial Intelligence: Humans Need Not Apply…OR Machines, Humans, and Myths.” Quantarium was founded by a team of leading A. I. scientists and software architects who are working with highly knowledgeable real estate professionals to develop business analytics and advanced engineering services for the real estate market. Erick previously spent ten years at Microsoft, where he led successful initiatives in research and development, competitive strategy, and market development. He also had several successful stints in private equity and software start-up companies. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and summits on the topics of business culture, innovation, competition, and intellectual property in the software industry.

Students, we are accepting applications for our 2018-19 undergraduate scholarships.  They are due on March 1. See the Scholarship page on this website to apply.

Our Chapter will not be holding March or April meetings, but save the date for our May 14 meeting on “The Sharing Economy.” Our speaker will discuss the perks and the pitfalls of engaging in the collaborative movement where digital platforms are linking providers and users to address such services as apartment/home lending, ridesharing, coworking, freelancing, peer-to-peer lending, reselling, and talent-sharing. Find out if Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, LimeBike,, Etsy, Rover, TaskRabbit, Upwork, WeWork, and other sharing economy businesses have something to offer to you or those you know. Whether you need to advise clients about tax ramifications and insurance requirements of these businesses or want to try your hand at making extra money yourself over the summer months, this topic is for you!!

We will look forward to seeing you at LaQuinta on Monday, February 12th!




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